• September – God began to stir the hearts of Pastor Nick and Jackie Koopalethes for a new journey. After months of prayer and fasting, the Holy Spirit led them to plant a Bible-based and Spirit-empowered church in Purcellville, Virginia, that would impact the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area and beyond.


  • November - The Koopalethes family moved to Loudoun County and, soon thereafter, began holding prayer services on Thursday nights. 


  • April - The Victory House opened it's doors and began hosting Sunday Services at 520 E. Main Street.


  • January - God began giving The Victory House a word for each season. Pastor Nick released the word, "New Beginnings," stemming from Genesis 26. He declared it a year of new beginnings and a season of flourishing with God's abundant blessing.


  • January - Pastor Nick released the word, "Forward to Maturity," based on Paul's call to the believers in Ephesians 4. He admonished The Victory House with a two-fold message: 1) pursue growth in Christ, allowing Him to increase, and 2) be God's ambassadors by loving others and leading them to Christ. 


  • February - Pastor Nick  released the word, "Increase of Government" and by the year's end, we saw God connect The Victory House with our local and state government. 


  • February - Pastor Nick released the word, "Nesting Trees," encouraging our church to foster an atmosphere and become a place where others can grow into who God has created them to be. 
  • September - Pastor Nick released the word, "Together We Advance," a theme that furthered the truths first birthed in "Nesting Trees." Over the course of 4 weeks, he laid a Biblical foundation for the pathway of growth our church still follows to this day: Engage - Empower - Encourage - Emancipate.


  • January - Pastor Nick released the word, "Grace Grace," announcing God's favor over our church, each family, and the local community of Purcellville. 


  • January - Pastor Nick released the word, "Double Portion," emphasizing that God's people would have a double portion of His grace and His glory - little did we know the significance and weight it would carry as we transitioned through 3 seasons. 
  • March - We launched our Livestream Dream Team and moved our services online as our church began navigating its response to COVID-19.
  • May - As God would lead, we began meeting again in-person on the front lawn of our 520 Campus under a huge tent that was graciously donated for the season. 
  • October - The Victory House opened the Harmony Campus to meet the rapid growth occurring under the tent.


  • March - Pastor Nick released the word, "The King Shall Rise!" declaring God's desire to "rebuild" a temple not made by human hands, but one within human hearts, partnering with humanity to enthrone Jesus. 
Where The Victory House church is today and where we are going began with a single step of faith. We are on a journey to advance the Kingdom of God both locally and globally. We are believing for a mighty move of His Spirit and burn with passion to see people saved, healed, equipped, empowered, and released to do the same. We are seeking the Lord’s direction for our future and look forward with anticipation as we watch God’s plans unfold.