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TVH Care is a compassionate ministry dedicated to offering support during times of difficulty or significant life transitions. Whether you are facing challenges or going through important life events, such as welcoming a new member into your family, celebrating a wedding, dealing with hospitalization, coping with a life-changing illness, or experiencing the loss of a loved one, we are here to provide both spiritual and practical assistance to help you overcome these hurdles and lift you up.

Inner Healing

Inner healing is a ministry where we help you connect with God in any areas where there’s currently a disconnect. This will help you encounter His love and get free from the ways that past painful experiences are impacting your present reality. Each session is unique because it’s a supernatural partnership between you, your ministerial team, and the Holy Spirit.

*Inner healing is not a process-based service. Sessions are typically scheduled on an as need basis.


Counseling is a safe space to process your past or current pain and gain healthy relational tools. You and your counselor can discuss ways to restore relational connection, resolve conflict, communicate well, and implement appropriate boundaries.

*We suggest starting with counseling if you’re currently experiencing a traumatic situation or have suffered recent loss. Counseling is a process-based service that often involves consistent appointments over a period of time.


Coaching is a great way to navigate stuck places, transition, and create a plan to achieve your goals and dreams. Your coach will ask powerful questions to help you uncover your desires and determine a plan to move forward.

*We suggest starting with coaching if you’re ready to move towards your goals and dreams. Coaching is a future-focused, process-based service that often involves consistent appointments over a period of time.

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